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The Train Your Game Project

Train Your Game

Grae Co Media swung into action with Train Your Game, 1:1 softball training dedicated to igniting confidence in players of all ages in Newnan, Georgia. This digital marketing project was a true collaboration. We crafted a dynamic brand identity with a powerful logo, designed a user-friendly website reflecting their personalized approach, and created an impactful email marketing sequence that echoes their motto: Train Bold. Play Confident.

From engaging content marketing to eye-catching merch graphics, we ensured a cohesive brand experience across all platforms. Partnering with Train Your Game wasn't just about marketing, it was about empowering young athletes to chase their dreams on the field.

Train Your Game_Homepage Mockup.jpg

Brand and Website Development

Here's a glimpse into how we brought TYG's brand vision to life:

  • Brand Development & Identity: We collaborated closely with the Train Your Game team to refine their brand story and translate it into a captivating visual identity. This included crafting a powerful logo, selecting a typography that reflects their empowering spirit, and developing a color palette that echoes their energy on the field.

  • Website Development & Design: We designed a user-friendly website that showcases Train Your Game's personalized training approach. The website acts as a digital hub for players to book lessons online, provides clear information about their services, success stories, and easy contact options.

  • Copywriting & SEO Optimization: We crafted compelling website copy that not only informs potential clients about Train Your Game's offerings but also optimizes the site for search engines. This ensures Train Your Game appears prominently in online searches for softball training in Newnan, Georgia, driving organic traffic and qualified leads.

  • Lead Generation Form: To help Train Your Game connect with potential clients, we implemented strategic a lead generation form on their website—allowing interested athletes or parents to easily inquire about lessons and foster valuable connections.

  • Email Marketing: We developed a targeted email marketing campaign to nurture leads and build relationships with potential clients. This email highlight Train Your Game's unique offerings, upcoming availability, and special promotions, keeping their audience engaged and informed.

  • Merch Product Design: We ensured a cohesive brand experience by creating eye-catching graphics for Train Your Game's merchandise, allowing players to proudly represent their dedication to Train Your Game's philosophy both on and off the field.

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